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Latin Wedding Icon Meanings

Every lifestyle celebrates matrimony in a unique manner. There are no exceptions for Latin Americans, who have a lot of cherished customs that strengthen wedding festivities. A few of these elements can give a bride a unique smile to her Latin identity and help family members understand how significant this day is to them, from tossing corn or parrot seeds to holding a symbolic rope meeting

Traditionally, couples did n’t have a maid of honor or best man but had a Padrino and Madrina—specially chosen people who play an important role in the couple’s lives, explains Baca, although the exact translation is godparents. The lazo and arras are frequently sponsored by padrinos and madrinas, and they frequently perform at the meeting to honor their godchildren. Some contemporary brides and grooms include their Padrinos in their bridal group or as a part of the bride, but others do not,” she says.

It’s customary for guests latina brides to shove rice or bird seeds over the newlyweds as they leave a church or civic meeting. This traditional custom protects against bad spirits, promotes fertility, and good riches.

The wedding may also existing his new wife with 13 silver coins known as las arras during the wedding service. These represent Christ and his 12 prophets, and the bridegroom promises to take care of his new bride—and her belongings—as they embark on their career up.

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