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Who will be popular in 2025?

Common has a long list of loves as an award-winning singer, musician, actor, and publisher. The Soulquarians part has dated Taraji P. Henson, Tiffany Haddish, and other well-known musicians like D’angelo and Mos Def. In addition, he shares his daughter Omoye Assata Lynn with his ex-girlfriend Kim Jones. He has been involved in politics in addition to his profession.

Officially, the performer is encouraging rumours of a relationship with Jennifer Hudson. The two have been spotted together on several times this year and co-star in the future movie” Breathe.” Hudson has n’t but spoken to the rumors in front of the people, though. She did, yet, recently comment to Tmz that she and Common are a “beautiful pair.”

The two are said to have known one another for a long time, but this summer’s filming in Philadelphia changed things up for the better. Since then, they have been spotted on numerous occasions in both Philadelphia and Chicago, where they were born. Common and Hudson have not publicly discussed the rumours, but they did recently look up in New york city. They entered Joe’s Pub theater holding hands and appeared when content as could be!

2024 happens to be a happy year for couples who intend to get married in terms of what’s second in their relation. This is due to the fact that it occurs on a Saturday, one of the busiest wedding nights. Additionally, the Pisces whole moon, which is a sign of love and devotion, is present.

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